Business Boutique

How do you use a side business to break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle? Christy Wright shares her wealth of knowledge to help you move outside of your comfort zone. Visit her online at

This week’s episode will share the following…

  • Why a side income is important
  • How to choose a business
  • How to get started
  • How to overcome fear

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Christy Wright is a versatile and sought-after speaker who connects with audiences in a way few people can. As a Ramsey Personality and Certified Business Coach, she travels the country educating and entertaining people at national business conferences as well as Fortune 500 companies, and she has addressed students and faculty alike at some of the country’s top universities.

Christy’s experience as an entrepreneur and leader allows her to connect with women and give them practical advice and solutions for their personal and professional development. She has touched the lives of thousands with her inspiring and thought- provoking messages on topics including life balance, leadership and goal setting.

You can follow Christy on Twitter at @ChristyBWright and online at or