Episode 1 of Relationships Uncut dealt with Why You Keep Attracting the Wrong People!

Below are the points I addressed during the FB Live Session…

The most common reasons you could be attracting the wrong people are:
1. You don’t know who you are
– You have been defined by your childhood (seeing what took place in your household)
– You have been defined by your friends (watching what they do)
– You have been defined by your early experiences (Is rejection something you embraced early on? Low self-esteem?)
– Unable to understand who you truly are. You have to define who you really are before you ever attempt to attract the right types of people in your life. You draw in what you give off.
2. You don’t know what you truly want
– Chasing what’s popular and not what’s purposeful (Reality TV and social media is going to lead you astray)
– Chasing the fear of scarcity (settling)
3. You don’t know what you need
– Definition of Love (Love to me is…..)
– Life Purpose (Know where you’re going)
– Merge who you are with what you truly want, but build it on what you truly need (leads to attracting the right types of people)