Speaker. Advisor. Financier

What are some of the mistakes people make when addressing their personal finances? How can I overcome my fear and start a business? These are a couple of the questions I posed to my special guest Dr. Robert Watkins.

Also, this week’s episode will share the following…

  • Some of the mistakes people make with personal finance and business
  • How to overcome being overwhelmed in life
  • How innovation always has a place in today’s marketplace

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About Dr. Robert Watkins

Robert Watkins has dedicated his life to helping organizations and their leaders maximize their financial and business potential.  After high school, Robert enlisted in the U.S. Army where he received many awards for outstanding service to his country. He then went on to graduate from West Georgia University and authored several best-selling books, including How To Hear From God, his second, Be Your Own Boss and his newest book, Never Chase A Paycheck Again. His books, DVDs and other materials are now distributed throughout the world, including Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore and Israel.

Robert is the CEO of Conquer Worldwide LLC, a conglomerate of for-profit companies and non-profit organizations that arranges funding for new business opportunities, mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and strategically grows organizations.  

Here’s more on Dr. Watkins:

  • Received an honorary doctorate degree for MII for his landmark business programs at Emory University.

  • He serves as a mentor and leader to thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists and;

  • He’s raised millions of dollars for investment and business acquisition purposes and;

  • His Conquer Business Conferences attached tens of thousands of people in need of educational solutions and;

  • Successfully spent more than 25 years in the valuation, mergers and acquisition industry.

His mission in life is to help people fulfill their God-giving purpose.

Visit him online at www.robertjwatkins.com