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This episode of Conversations with Kenny Pugh features Tomiya Gaines, Author of The Perfect $20 Date. Tomiya takes a practical look at dating on a budget, and provides scenarios to assist people looking to enjoy quality time without breaking the bank.

The Perfect $20 Date was created to bridge the gap between singles looking for love, but lack the finances necessary to experience a quality date. The Perfect $20 Date is a compilation of dating scenarios for the financially challenged. Dating scenarios described herein can be found at $20 per person or LESS.

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About Tomiya

Tomiya Gaines, California Real Estate Broker & 2013 President of AAPC (Modesto Chapter) began her career in the medical administration field. During the height of the real estate market Tomiya was at the top of her game, earning a six-figure income. While dating a recently retired NFL athlete, Tomiya challenged her mate to a $20 Date. This proposition left him speechless, and put Tomiya on a mission.

Tomiya’s research lead her to dozens of dating scenarios couples could enjoy for $20/per person or less (169 to be exact).
As seen on Good Day Sacramento, The Perfect $20 Date describes dating scenarios couples (families) can enjoy on limited budget. Dozens are FREE, but most can be achieved for $20 or Less.

Compiling data since 2008, what started as a simple conversation for Tomiya, turned into a project that manifested into this literary work.

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