Before You Say I Do: 7 Tips to Better Communication by the Marriage Coaches

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You must learn to communicate especially around those issues that can cause a conflict. You need to communicate about even the little things. 69% of issues in a marriage are ones that will never have a clear resolution only a compromise. .. so the art of negotiation, sacrifice, and compromise are a must. The key to dealing with these issues is coming up with a compromise in a positive way.

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Do You Know What You Want In A Marriage? by The Marriage Coaches

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 Below is a link to Part 2 of the ‘Before I Say I Do’ series by The Marriage Coaches. In my book ‘Can You Do It Standing Up?’ We all have a certain level of expectation when dealing with others in our lives. However, we have to be cognizant of how we intentionally or unintentionally impose our wants in the lives of others.

The Marriage Coaches’ blog deals with the ‘wants’ associated with those desiring to be married. A list of several wants is included in the blog to help drive home a very relevant message, or better yet question…”Do You Know What You Want In A Marriage?”

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Before You Say I Do: The Truth About Marriage by The Marriage Coaches

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Below is an article by The Marriage Coaches. They are an awesome couple who specialize in coaching people from dating into marriage and counseling married couples through marital challenges.

The following article provides some questions to help you assess whether or not you are ready to move into holy matrimony: