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Relationship Jumping

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Torn Between Two Loves: How to Find Time For Love as an Entrepreneur (

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A lot of entrepreneurs say they need to pick one or the other. They’re lying.


Being an entrepreneur/business owner allows you to give birth to a dream that lies deep within you. Many entrepreneurs can attest that moving from dream to reality takes a considerable amount of blood, sweat and tears. Time and love are often the drivers that allow the blood, sweat and tears to manifest into an entrepreneur’s dream come true. However, the amount of time and love an entrepreneur spends building and operating their business can have an adverse impact in the quest to find or maintain love.

The reality is you only have 24 hours in a day to allocate across the various areas in your life. Many entrepreneurs who are married, in relationships or desire relationships find themselves torn trying to allocate time between what they do and the one they love or desire to love.

“I want my business to be successful.”

“I can’t afford NOT to work the hours I’m working in order to be successful.”

“It’s hard to find someone who understands what I do.”

“I’m having trouble managing time for business and pleasure.”

Do these statements sound familiar?

As with most of life’s challenges, you try to treat the symptoms instead of addressing the source. You don’t have to remain torn between two loves. The challenge of balancing business and pleasure is one of perspective.

Consider the following keys for balancing what you do with the quest to find or maintain love:

1. Time Block You can ALWAYS find something to do when it comes to building and operating your business. One of the best pieces of advice I learned from Casey Cunningham, a mortgage industry trainer with Xinnix, is to learn the art of time blocking. Successful people have a way of not only organizing their professional lives, but also their personal lives.

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Seven Years Without Sex: Author Kenny Pugh Tells Why He Says ‘No’ to Sex (

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Single women: Would you date a man who is absolutely committed to celibacy?

No sex until marriage. Not even once. And it’s not negotiable.

Kenny Pugh, author, financial professional, motivational speaker, is taking an unconventional approach to life as a black man in 2013: Sexual abstinence.

At 38 years old, Pugh is black, male and heterosexual, and hasn’t had sex in more than seven years. And he doesn’t plan to be sexually intimate with a woman until he gets married.

“I’ve been celibate for seven years and I’m an advocate for a lifestyle that empowers people to make good decisions about relationships moving forward,” Pugh said in a recent interview with

It’s an old-school philosophy in a new-age era because sex, Pugh says, clouds good judgment. But some women aren’t down for celibacy, Pugh said, and some openly question if he’s really heterosexual.

Pugh, a contributing writer with Black Enterprise magazine, is promoting his new book: “Can You Do It Standing Up: A Different Position On Relationships.”


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Read More... 5 Factors to Determine Value on the Relationship Market

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Are you being realistic about your worthiness?

There is no shortage of media dedicated to addressing the ‘epidemic’ of singleness in our society.

We’re entertained by men and women who discuss their plights as to why each of them, as a quality candidate, is still single. There are never enough quality men to choose from, women say. There are always too many “high potential” women to sort through, men complain.

And so on and so on.

Unfortunately, too many of us have a higher self-appraisal of ourselves than what others are willing to view as true relationship value. It’s sort of like the homeowner who thinks their home is worth $400,000, when the true market value based on recent sales is really $300,000. Sometimes, you need to be your harshest critic.

On the relationship market, think of yourself as an asset that requires investment.

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Read More... Is Your Credit Affecting Your Marriage Eligibility?

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Does having bad credit not make you marriage eligible?

As a life and relationships strategist to single adults, I find it very interesting when I come across men and women who feel as though they are truly ready for a committed relationship. The first question I generally ask is, “Have you, or are you continuing to develop yourself in all areas (e.g. spiritual, physical, social and financial) of your life?” The initial response is usually a resounding yes.

However, there is often one area many hide from: credit. When two individuals marry they connect to the credit history of their mate.

What will your mate inherit when they marry you?

Credit is often the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. I am by no means advocating that you pull a copy of someone’s credit report — or offer up your own on the first or second date. However, I do encourage you to begin working on your credit during your “single season” and to continue once you’re married.

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