How to talk about money before saying ‘I do’ by Melanie Hicken (

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While many engaged couples are able to hash out which photographer to use at the ceremony and who to sit Aunt Edna next to at the reception, they can’t seem to broach the topic of their finances — a discussion that could make or break their marriage.

Money is the leading source of disagreement for couples, whether they’re just hitched or have been married for decades, and in extreme cases, tensions about household finances can even lead to divorce.

To prevent that from happening, couples need to have a serious discussion about their finances long before they say “I do.”

Everything should be put on the table, from current income and debts to attitudes towards money and how to approach financial goals like buying a house or saving for retirement, says Gail Cunningham, a longtime financial counselor and spokeswoman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. With many newlyweds entering marriage with piles of student loan or credit card debt, such financial honesty is especially important.

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Read More... In Love, What’s Debt Got to Do With It?

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I recently had a conversation with a friend about a young lady he is currently dating. He asked me a question regarding debt, and whether it should be considered when evaluating a potential life partnership. On the surface this question may seem a little bit shallow, but allow me to share further details from the rest of our conversation.

The young lady — let’s call her Karen — has pursued multiple levels of higher education (BS, MS, doctoral degree) in order to further her professional career. However, pursuit of her additional degrees has led to student loans totaling around $180,000. Now at this point you may have your own feelings one way or another about this student loan amount, but my friend expressed the concern.

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Until Death Do Us Part: 8 Reasons For Marital Failure Amongst African Americans by Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson

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I received this article via Facebook and think it provides some very interesting insight. Dr. Abdullah-Johnson mentions this information as being relevant for African-Americans, but I believe the points are relevant for anyone of any ethnicity or culture. We cannot afford to keep hiding from the pink elephant in the room in an attempt to satisfy societal status demands or pressure from family and friends. Please share with your friends who are single, dating or engaged.

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