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5 Deposits to Make In Your Relationship

Relationships Require Deposits

In this week’s edition of #relationshipswork Wednesday, I’d like to call attention to something so many people forget while in relationships and marriages. Relationships and marriages are ongoing engagements that require ongoing deposits from equally vested individuals. I know that may sound elementary, but if we assess the landscape of what’s taking place in today’s […]

My Transition – Family Matters


As I continue my transition from single to married, I’m trying to cover all of the foundational items before saying “I do!” One of the areas people sometimes neglect is the topic of family. No matter the love that exists between two people, it’s still VERY important to understand where a person comes from, along […]

My Transition – The Journey of a Single, Celibate Man

Kenny and Tamiko Book Signing

I was initially hesitant about sharing my story publicly. However, I’ve been very open about the past several years of my life as a single, celibate man. I have had an opportunity to share my celebrations and challenges over the years via my blog (, book (, radio show, workshops and many other outlets. Well […]