Are you living out your dreams?


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A number of you woke up this morning with a sense of dread because you have to go to a job you absolutely HATE! I have one simple question to ask you. What are you going to do to change your situation? Stop sitting on the sideline, operating in reactionary mode, and take control of YOUR life!

I know it may seem as if it’s too late, but you can still pursue your dreams. Do you have a business idea? Go ahead and start putting some framework around it so it becomes a reality. Do you desire to become debt free? Implement a plan to reduce your expenses and make more money. Do you desire marriage? Continue preparing yourself to be the best spouse you can be. Success generally comes when preparation meets opportunity.


Write down your dreams and create a plan to make each of them a reality! Let me know how I can be of assistance to you throughout the process. You CAN do it!


Dear Entrepreneur…Systemize Your Business (part 1)


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One of the keys to success in business is making sure you work efficiently. Being a solopreneur or small business owner can be stressful. However, don’t add to the level of everyday anxiety by not systemizing your business.

People ask me how I seamlessly operate multiple business entities. Having a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering has assisted me in this area and I look for opportunities to reduce my personal effort where possible. In every aspect of business you have to ask yourself “Am I working too hard doing something that software/technology can do easier?”

Implementing business systems is key to maximizing your efficiency. Do you have the following elements in your business? If so, what tools are you using? 

1. Online Presence – Every business should have a website. Most people won’t reach out to you until they’ve vetted you online or via someone they know and trust. There are several solutions for creating an online presence, some inexpensive, others not so inexpensive. A number of the inexpensive options like Wix and WordPress still offer you a professional appearance without breaking your budget. All of my websites, 15 of them, are built using WordPress. The tool is user-friendly and offer a number of templates you can use to customize your look. Also, your website needs to be responsive (mobile device friendly), otherwise you jeopardize losing potential customers because they can’t easily conduct business with you.
2. Business Phone System – Every business should have a dedicated business phone line. This should be self-explanatory, BUT there are still a number of people doing business via personal home phone lines. There’s nothing worse than calling someone for business only to have their kids answer the phone as if you’re interrupting something. With a number of options out there like Google Voice and Grasshopper (my choice), there’s no excuse for not having a dedicated business phone line. Plus these solutions are either free or very low cost in nature.
3. Business Branded E-mail – Another professional touch to add to your business is utilizing a business branded e-mail address. This might seem like a minor element, but there is a different view from a business perspective when you conduct business online with someone using a business-branded e-mail address versus other free options. Yahoo and Google are great companies, but I prefer to conduct business using my business-branded e-mail account. You can setup your own business e-mail account using companies like GoDaddy. I am also a reseller who offers the ability to register domains, hosting and e-mail, visit  
4. Customer Relationship Management – Communicating and sharing products/services with your customers is a major key to the success of your business. Unfortunately, a number of people are still leveraging spreadsheets and offline distribution lists. This makes communicating with your clients and customers more complex than it needs to. Take a look at low-cost solutions like Aweber, Mailchimp or Constant Contact. You can also opt for other solutions requiring more of an investment like Infusionsoft (review Infusionsoft here) or Act-on. The main point is being able to easily organize and communicate with your customers leveraging streamlined automation. 
5. Social Media Management – You can spend countless hours juggling between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and/or Pinterest. Quite frankly, it can be a downright hassle trying to manage all of those social media channels while still servicing your customers. Fortunately, there are a number of applications which assist with this effort. Take a look at options like Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Sprout Social. Entrepreneur had a great article on their website highlighting 14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Social Media

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner and having trouble juggling the multiple aspects of your business, evaluate the various components of your current business to see if there are areas to systemize. I will share five more business areas with you in part 2 of Systemize Your Business.


9 Things People Just Don’t Get About Entrepreneurs

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By Jeff Haden

Entrepreneurs do what they do for reasons most people will never understand–unless they’re also entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is hard, both physically and emotionally. Doubt, anxiety, despair–along the way, every entrepreneur struggles with those feelings.

So why are entrepreneurs willing to face the vulnerability, the emotional ups and downs, and the risk of public and private failure?

Easy. They have no choice. For entrepreneurs:

1. The voice in their heads is louder than every other voice they hear. Others may doubt. Others may criticize. Others may judge and disparage and disapprove.

You don’t care. You see all those opinions for what they are: not right, not wrong, just data. So you sift through that data for the actual nuggets you can use. The rest you ignore.

Why? You may respect the opinions of others but you believe in your ideas, your abilities, your will and perseverance and dedication. You believe in yourself. And that makes you want to live your life your way and not anyone else’s way.

2. They believe that how they play the game truly is more important than whether they win or lose. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’d rather fail on your own terms than succeed on someone else’s. You’d rather reach for your own future than have your future lie in someone else’s hands. You feel it’s better to burn out than to fade away.

Sure, you want to win. You’re driven to win. But you want to change the rules, create your own playing field, and win the game you want to play–because winning a game in a way you’re forced to play would still feel like losing.

3. They don’t make choices–they create choices. Most people simply choose from Column A or Column B. Entrepreneurs glance at A and B and then often create their own Column C.

As Jon Burgstone says:

Every time you want to make any important decision, there are two possible courses of action. You can look at the array of choices that present themselves, pick the best available option, and try to make it fit.

Or, you can do what the true entrepreneur does: Figure out the best conceivable option and then make it available.

And that’s why they often accomplish the inconceivable–because to entrepreneurs, that word truly doesn’t mean what everyone else thinks it means.

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It’s Okay to Fire a Client

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Cost of Clients


Entrepreneurs Value Your Time

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One of the Joys of Entrepreneurship

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