Would you let your friend potentially marry the WRONG person?

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3 Reasons Why Couples with Prenuptial Agreements are Happier (BlackEnterprise.com)

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Peace of mind has its privileges


Continuing with the theme from my previous article, I want to explore why couples with prenuptial agreements might actually be happier. In order to position the following points, let me first start by providing a disclaimer that I’m in no way endorsing prenuptial agreements.

In discussing this particular area with friends, associates and family members, I’ve learned that finances are a very sensitive matter to a number of people. Because of this level of sensitivity, a number of couples are choosing to discuss this matter on the front end of marriage, instead of waiting until divorce is looming and emotions are at their boiling point. Let’s be honest, decisions made when level heads are involved are a lot different than when betrayal, unhappiness and anger take center stage.

Here are a few reasons why entering into a prenuptial agreement may actually make couples happier in the long-term:

Your pre-marital assets are protected. As previously mentioned, divorces often bring out the most vindictive thoughts and actions. Many decisions made with negative emotions running high are often intentionally targeted at hurting the other person. With 50-60% of marriages ending in divorce, it is very likely that you or someone you know could be impacted by this unfortunate reality. If a mutually agreed upon plan already exists, then the two parties involved can follow the pre-established plan for distributing assets brought into the marriage in the event of divorce. Knowing this sensitive matter has been addressed on the front end may remove any paranoia about the other person’s motives on the back end.

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Prenuptial Agreement: Smart Financial Move or Plan to Fail? (BlackEnterprise.com)

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Is it still something that you need to have so they don’t leave with half?



Two people meet. They date. They fall in love. They make a decision to get married. They begin going through the normal process of preparing for marital bliss. However, there is one element a lot more couples are entertaining as part of the marriage preparation process: prenuptial agreements.

Once reserved for wealthy athletes, entertainers or business people, prenuptial agreements are now finding themselves into the premarital process as a common topic of discussion for many of today’s couples. Why are they becoming more common?

As more men and women are waiting later in life to get married, each brings a lot more money and material wealth into the marriage relationship. According to a report published in Bloomberg Businessweek, the average age of the first marriage for men is 28.7 years of age, and 26.5 years of age for women. The delay in marrying allows each person to become experienced in their respective careers, while beginning to build home equity and retirement funds.

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BlackEnterprise.com: Does a Joint Account Indicate Trust in a Relationship?

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In reflecting on the state of today’s relationships and marriages, I’m becoming more and more sensitive to the elements currently causing them to fail.

With the divorce rate currently hovering above 50 percent, we have to begin evaluating the various sources of discord and discontentment. One of the sources typically cited by those counseling couples going through divorce is the area of finance. As I personally consider my understanding of marriage and its symbolism of two people becoming united as one, I wonder if any insight on financial trust can be gained in how two people manage their bank accounts.

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Until Death Do Us Part: 8 Reasons For Marital Failure Amongst African Americans by Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson

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I received this article via Facebook and think it provides some very interesting insight. Dr. Abdullah-Johnson mentions this information as being relevant for African-Americans, but I believe the points are relevant for anyone of any ethnicity or culture. We cannot afford to keep hiding from the pink elephant in the room in an attempt to satisfy societal status demands or pressure from family and friends. Please share with your friends who are single, dating or engaged.

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