My take: Why Christians are Criticizing My Christian Marriage and Sex Book by Mark Driscoll

January 30, 2012 | Posted in Christianity, Life, Men, Romance and Relationships, Women | By

Is sex gross? Is sex a god? Is sex a gift?

Mark Driscoll published this article on in response to the criticism he and his wife received from the release of their Christian marriage and sex book. I don’t have much insight on the history of the criticism of Mr. Driscoll. However, I do know that sex is one of the topics guaranteed to draw both support and hatred in the institution known as the church. Sex is one of the areas God spoke quite a bit about in the Bible because He knew it would be an area of trouble in the lives of men and women trying to live in a perverse world.

I have had the opportunity to teach workshops, classes, and deliver sermons in the area of sex, and have felt the blunt of many critics who disagree on my conservative or liberal approach depending on which end of the spectrum you fall on. At the end of the day, this is an area causing much strife in the church and every week unmarried people are attending weekly church services after having sexual escapades during the previous week. Married couples are attending weekly church services with the embarrassment of adulturous experiences and/or pink elephant absent sex lives which potentially lead to future divorces.

PUBLICE SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT TO PASTORS: Stop operating in the comfortable and be willing to deal with REAL LIFE ISSUES…#thatisall!!

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