First Person: I Had No Savings at 40, but I Retired by 60 (

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By Augustine St. Claire


I was living in Los Angeles. Had a great job at 40 and was not putting one penny away in savings. I was spending money faster than I was making it, living the single life. I knew every bar and restaurant along Hollywood Boulevard, and bartenders and waitresses knew me by name.

Now I’m living a comfortable retirement. What turned me around?

Reality. I noticed my co-workers and friends moving on with their lives. While I was stuck in a small apartment, they were getting married, buying homes and establishing a life beyond the nightclub. I knew I had to get serious and start saving.

I tore up all of my 13 credit cards

At the time I owed over $30,000 in credit card bills and my interest was over 19% on each card. Each card had a limit of $10,000. I cut them all up and started using a debit card.

I got on a budget

I created a budget. I paid off several cards in two years and reduced my expenses and saved over $900 a month.


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Atlanta Hawks – Christian Singles Night Nov. 2nd

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Metro Atlanta Christian Singles Night with the Atlanta Hawks

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Can You Do It Standing Up? Movement Overview (Free Webinar)

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Atlanta Hawks vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Sat March 3rd 7:00PM

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