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These options are fun and sure to build long-lasting memories

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the acts of love end. Whether you spent it with your longtime beau or were able to find a new love on the special day, dating is always part of putting the spark in a relationship.

You may be asking yourself why ideas have to be inexpensive? Great question. Unfortunately, the dollar amount of gifts and dinners has uprooted the opportunity to spend and share quality time together on this commercialized day.

Do you still have an expensive piece of jewelry, teddy bear or article of clothing from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? You probably no longer value those items, correct? On the other hand, can you remember that special moment like a conversation over coffee, walk in the park or perfectly timed moment in silence simply appreciating one another? These are moments that you can’t put a dollar amount on, but we sincerely appreciate and yearn for more of them.

Here is a list of 10 inexpensive date ideas for new relationships. These ideas will hopefully promote conversation, fun and eliminate the superficial value placed on things.

1. Rent a movie. Don’t rent just any movie though. Identify a movie that you have heard her mention as a favorite or one she has wanted to see despite missing it in the theaters. Create an atmosphere where you cook or cater a special meal and your atmosphere is now set.

2. Play a sport together. You might laugh at this idea, but I’ve heard a number of women express appreciation and pleasure after a day of tennis, golf or even putt-putt. Of course you might have to dress the date up with a neatly packed basket of gourmet sandwiches, wine and dessert for your post-activity enjoyment.

3. Go ice or rollerskating. If you are willing to put down your guards and expose yourself to some potential embarrassment, ice or roller-skating are fun ways to spend time together.

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