I had the opportunity the watch a preview of the new Moguldom documentary The Swirl. This is one of a series of 60-minute documentaries produced by the multi-media company that owns and operates Bossip, MadameNoire, Styleblazer and several other media assets.

The Swirl is a documentary dealing with the societal and cultural issues relating to interracial dating and marriage. I was initially skeptical about doing a review on this documentary because of the preconceived thoughts I initially began thinking about. However, I did take time to watch the documentary and was impressed at the many angles the producers used to address the interracial dating topic.

I originally thought the documentary would be more of a negative assault focusing on the hatred spewed by many who believe those within the same race can only experience love. However, we are taken inside the minds of men and women who have the chance to really voice their views and perspectives.

I enjoyed seeing the interviews with the couples, which included a black man/white woman and black woman/white man combinations. They were pretty open and honest and gave insight into their challenges, struggles and celebrations. I was surprised at the views associated with interracial children by those inside the relationship versus those outside of the relationships. It helped to illuminate the struggles interracial children have with establishing their identity. The quick blurb with Tia and Tamera spoke both to their current societal challenges, but really highlighted something I believed they endured throughout the course of their lives.

One thing I was very pleased with was the balance of people included in the documentary. Often we focus solely on celebrities when trying to validate relationship points when in reality…they have minimal relatability to many in the regular world. They showed clips of Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian along with Kanye and other celebrities; but focused on conversations with real, everyday people.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a totally balanced documentary without featuring the African-American woman perspective who totally opposed interracial dating. Although the percentage of people embracing interracial dating is on the increase, there are still a number of people who vehemently oppose being able to find love outside of one’s race/culture.

It was fun watching the scene featuring the three professional young ladies discussing the need to be open when it comes to dating. They discussed being exposed to various cultures, openness to be treated well by anyone and expanding one’s horizons to experience happiness. Based on the discussions within my circles, I know many professional, African-American women are opening-up and availing themselves to dating outside of their race.

The Swirl is an entertaining and informative documentary that will open the door to many more conversations in the future. I found it to be a source to provoke intellectual conversations very much needed in our society.