Is technology keeping us from building lasting, meaningful relationships?


Friends. Followers. Circles. Crowds. Networks. The evolution of technology has made the world an easier place to communicate with friends and to do business with people you have never seen before. At the click of a button you can share exciting information with a personal network of people, or learn about breaking news with the rest of the world. Overwhelmingly, technology has proven to be a great tool for connecting with people and doing business with the rest of the world.

Despite the countless benefits technology brings to our daily lives for personal or business purposes, I believe it is also the reason why the depth of relationships is eroding. We can actually follow a downward trend of effective communication since the start of the technology boom. Before call waiting, group chats and social media, people were primarily able to communicate with one person at a time via telephone. Without the distraction of smart phone notifications, people were much more engaged in conversations and had no other choice but to focus on the person they were communicating with. Today, a lot of people have challenges focusing on one conversation at a time due to text messaging, e-mail notifications, etc. Smart phones are causing us to be so distracted that we have challenges developing relationships with the people in our immediate presence.

Have you ever noticed couples out on dates that have trouble engaging in conversation because of their phones? Technology has made our society think that we’re missing out on so much if we don’t remain connected. A first date rule should be to turn off phones unless they are needed for emergencies (e.g. kids need to call, etc.). It’s even more humorous watching large groups of individuals focusing on their phones/tablets when they’re supposed to be discussing information or enjoying an outing together. Can you personally relate?

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