Why you should avoid investing in things & relationships that don’t appreciate


There aren’t too many people today who don’t desire success in the areas of love and money. Unfortunately, people struggle with identifying principles to generate success in both of these key life areas. In an attempt to assist with this dilemma, I have identified one word that is a key to achieving success in both wealth and relationships. Allow me to introduce you to APPRECIATION.

According to dictionary.com, the root word appreciate has multiple meanings: to be grateful or thankful for, to value or regard highly or to raise in value.

I could stop the article here because the definitions really speak for themselves. However, allow me to further elaborate in order to ensure the point hits home.

When it comes to finances, the world’s wealthy understand the power of investing in assets that appreciate in value. Their knowledge has allowed them to master the art of creating a Return on Investment (ROI). Very rarely do you see wealthy people amassing a lot of goods (e.g. cars, clothes, etc.) that don’t add value to their financial lives. Notice I said wealthy and not rich. Rich people generally make a lot of money; whereas, wealthy people create avenues to grow their money. Many of the wealthy individuals I know live very simple and money savvy lives. They don’t pride themselves in purchasing the latest shoes, purchase depreciating automobiles or maintaining a closet full of designer fashions. Many are quite frugal.

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