Why your unforgiving nature may be leading to bankrupt relationships


In the financial world there is a debt-forgiveness option known as bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an option some people choose when they have acquired a considerable amount of debt and feel as if they’ll never be able to repay it in an expedient or efficient manner based on their current financial structure. There may be many reasons cited for the accumulation of the debt including, but not limited to, credit cards, medical bills, automobile purchases, etc. However, the bottom line is when the weight of managing debt becomes unbearable, people may select an alternative that simply allows them to start over.

Well, similar to the accumulation of debt from a financial point of view, many in today’s society are carrying a considerable amount of relationship ‘debt’ due to unforgiveness.

Recently, I’ve had discussions with individuals regarding their inability to forgive others who have wronged them in some way. After reflecting upon those discussions, the importance of exercising forgiveness towards those who are, or have been, a part of your life became very apparent. In order to set the foundation of my perspective, let me first define what forgiveness is.

Forgiveness is the process of relating to an offence committed directly or indirectly by yourself or an individual and releasing them from it.

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