Live happily ever after — at least financially stable


The divorce rate in our country is currently above 50 percent. That’s a staggering number. There are a number of factors contributing to this dilemma, but a number of marriage counselors and divorce attorneys will attribute this trend to money, sex and communication as the top three reasons. I personally believe communication is the underlying factor linked to all of the reasons, but I won’t address that point in this post.

Let’s focus on the issue of money in relationships. Unfortunately, too many people wait until after they get married before building a working knowledge of finances. Actually, one of the best times to gain an understanding about money and build positive habits is during your time of singleness. There are some great lessons to learn when you’re single and those lessons can serve as a great foundation for having the money conversation prior to marriage. Notice I said “prior to” marriage. The best time to discuss finances with your significant other is before tying the knot. Some of the financial issues couples experience can be avoided if a couple communicates openly and honestly in advance.

If you’re single, here are 3 financial habits your future spouse will appreciate you putting into practice:

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