Is it still something that you need to have so they don’t leave with half?



Two people meet. They date. They fall in love. They make a decision to get married. They begin going through the normal process of preparing for marital bliss. However, there is one element a lot more couples are entertaining as part of the marriage preparation process: prenuptial agreements.

Once reserved for wealthy athletes, entertainers or business people, prenuptial agreements are now finding themselves into the premarital process as a common topic of discussion for many of today’s couples. Why are they becoming more common?

As more men and women are waiting later in life to get married, each brings a lot more money and material wealth into the marriage relationship. According to a report published in Bloomberg Businessweek, the average age of the first marriage for men is 28.7 years of age, and 26.5 years of age for women. The delay in marrying allows each person to become experienced in their respective careers, while beginning to build home equity and retirement funds.

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