More thoughts on fostering generational wealth for our families


In my previous article, Why Complacency Is Costing the African American Family, I posed a couple of questions in an attempt to initiate conversation about why African American men’s complacency is impacting the African American family’s overall wealth and ability to leave future generations in better positions financially. As anticipated, there was both support and opposition regarding the questions posed within the article.

Asking questions about education and career interests are very relevant to the discussion about generational wealth. I’d like to ask another very relevant question before offering-up some potential alternatives.

Why are we so quick to make babies, but unwilling to put a ring on the mother? In looking at the statistics, it is startling to see the rapid increase of single parent households. According to, 63 percent of African-American households are headed by single parents. Over 85 percent of the single parents are women and 46 percent of them have attended college.

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