Thoughts on generational wealth for our families



The African-American family is currently at one of the lowest points in recent history. Critics, media and community publicists all weigh-in trying to allocate blame to the cause of our societal and cultural demise. I agree that the liberated black woman movement has influenced a shift in how the family structure was traditionally built, but also recognize the desire for a woman to better herself should be seen as an asset and not a liability. After all it is not her fault that a number of black men have lost motivation to better themselves.

Despite the issues our black women possess today, you can often identify one of us (black men) as the source behind many of their troubles. Whether it’s abandonment by a father or mental/physical abuse in relationships…we are generally behind these unfortunate experiences, but I digress.

Let’s explore a couple questions that need to be asked regarding black men’s complacency and its associated financial impact.

1. Why are so many of us not finishing high school and opting to simply underachieve? It is not okay for this trend to continue, especially in a society that is demanding higher qualifications for some of the most basic employment opportunities. There is definitely a specific group of men that are better served pursuing alternative learning and skill development training (trade schools), but this should be the exception and not the norm. In health, we identify cancer as a disease that eats away at the various areas of a person’s body.

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