It’s time to wisen up with your funds


I had the opportunity to hangout with a group of young professionals men after a recent speaking engagement. It was very interesting to hear their take on landing a job, dating and developing relationships. One of their dating perspectives actually mirrored a sentiment shared by some older men.

One young man expressed frustration about dating being a very expensive experience and wondered if anyone else actually had a similar perspective. Listening to this group of young men actually caused me to reflect on a conversation that took place at a cookout between some older men. With the economic uncertainty still prevalent, a number of men have had to endure layoffs and/or settle for employment making less money.

Despite having to deal with various professional adjustments, men still want the ability to go out on dates with women they have a desire in learning more about. However, dating can be very costly. A traditional date can range from $60-150 depending if you opt for a restaurant, movie, concert, etc. How can you date economically without needing a 2nd job?

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