How much do you know about your romantic interest’s credit?

There have been a lot of discussions recently across different mediums about relationships, credit and what they mean in relation to one another. Despite the many comments shared by extremists on both ends of the spectrum, I’d like to offer another quick perspective on why it’s very important to review/assess the credit reports of someone you are entertaining as a lifemate.

Credit Reports Provide a Track Record – Just like a person’s high school transcript provides colleges with information about a student’s academic performance, credit reports provide historical information about a person’s financial responsibility. As a potential mate you are able to see what pattern of financial responsibility a person has maintained over the course of their recorded history. Have they grown from past challenges? Are they open to learning how to be more responsible financially? Were negative patterns due to a life event like illness, job loss or divorce? This is something that should realistically be discussed with someone you plan on merging your life with.

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