The time is quickly approaching where basketball fans get to witness the two best teams in the NBA battle for the championship. It also marks the period for college athletes to begin their auditions with NBA teams for a chance at being selected as part of the June 28th NBA draft. This process includes camps, individual workouts, weight and speed training and more. For the college elite, being drafted is almost guaranteed…but the slot is where the uncertainty begins to creep in. However, for the majority of college basketball athletes, they will have to begin preparing for life after basketball because they will never be selected.

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend who compared being a single woman to that of waiting to be selected by a team. She says you watch as other women around you receive engagement rings symbolizing their ‘draft’ selection by a team. I never really thought about it like that because I’m a man, but she definitely has a point to at least think about. I’ve always been taught that women have the ‘Power of No,’ and on the surface it’s true.

Consider the following:

  • The man sees a woman he has an interest in and the woman has the ability to give approval or denial to his interest.
  • The man asks a woman for her number and she has the ability to say yes or no.
  • The man asks a woman out on a date and she has the ability to say yes or no.
  • The man asks the woman to marry him and she has the ability to say yes or no.

You get the point.

In reviewing the aforementioned points, each begins with the man initiating the action. Well what happens if a woman doesn’t have a man or number of men initiating the action? This process is similar to a college athlete not receiving much interest from NBA teams. Does the woman then go out and begin initiating the action with potential men? Some in our society would say yes. Does this lead to productive and healthy relationships? In my personal opinion…nope but that’s an entirely different blog.

Well what is a woman to do when she has a desire and aspiration to be selected in the MRS Draft? Easy…don’t get discouraged by the process. Fortunately, the MRS Draft isn’t bound by the same constraints as the NBA Draft. You don’t have to worry about maintaining speed or agility, lifting weights or being a certain height (well maybe…lol). You only have to concern yourself with being the best YOU possible. You cannot allow yourself to become stagnant in life worrying about something you don’t have any control over. If you are impatient you could always apply the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ approach and chase, date and propose to your man? However, I would DEFINITELY advise you to stay away from that approach because it doesn’t work too well!

Will you be selected in the MRS Draft? I’m not sure…only God has that answer. However, you can control living your life and continue bettering yourself so you attract QUALITY people around you. Living a quality, impactful and purposeful life should be your primary focus, while allowing God to handle the other details that are out of your control!