We are now in one of my favorite times of the year. The sports seasons are in high gear for pro football, pro basketball and college basketball. Since I am a sports enthusiast, this time of year provides a great outlet for me to deal with the rigors of everyday life and I smile in anticipation of the various upcoming games.

Those who know me understand my affinity toward the positions of quarterback (football) and point guard (basketball). These two positions are the keys to each of their respective sports and usually are the keys to carrying out the plans communicated by the coach. You rarely see a team succeed without a good quarterback or point guard.

Fortunately, each of us as believers has a key team in our lives to fill these positions. God, the Owner, has provided us with all of the necessary pieces to be successful in life. None of us will ever want for anything, and He has the resources to ensure this will remain the case for our lives. Jesus, the Coach, calls the plays for our teams and has the benefit of being able to make adjustments because He’s able to see everything that’s going on. The Holy Spirit, the Quarterback/Point Guard, is able to guide us through the daily flow of our lives. He is acutely aware of the blitzes and presses that seem to be forming in our lives and can easily guide us to safety.

Unfortunately, too many of us desire to play the position of owner, coach and quarterback/point guard. We refuse to let go of our power trip and want to control everything despite our inability and lack of qualifications. The detriment of this approach is we “take control of our lives” in the manner the world desires us to, but it positions us for ultimate failure because God is left out of the equation.

The question I leave you with today is “Are you playing your position?”

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