Many of you know that I made a vow of celibacy when I rededicated by life back to Jesus Christ in December of 2003. Since making that declaration I have taken a personal stance of promoting a life of purity and staying the course of living a life pleasing to God. I have done many interviews and written several articles regarding living the celibate life. This was an easy proclamation for me to make because I wasn’t open to pursuit of relationships from 2003-2007. I decided it was best for me to remain focused on ministry and getting my personal house in order, which made it easy to stay out of harm’s way. However, as we enter into 2008, I am now open to the idea of developing a relationship and have become exposed to similar challenges that many of you face regarding temptations and enhanced desires of the flesh. I have decided to journal my journey throughout the course of this year and can hopefully provide some additional insight on relationship development while trying to live for Christ. Stay tuned for more details!