I can say with assurance that most everyone within the sound of my voice is connected to some folks that are detrimental to your growth and development. To be unequally yoked means to be connected or tied to someone who does not have the same beliefs, desires and/or goals as you. Many misinterpret this idea as only being relevant to marriage relationships. However, this idea of being unequally yoked applies to marriage relationships, business partnership, as well as friendships. Why is it important to avoid being unequally yoked to others in your life?

1. It Provides a False Positive- Meaning…that you find comfort in associations that seem good externally, but are destructive to you internally.
– You connect to people that make you feel, but are not good for you
– You connect to those who talk a good game, but never seem to progress towards their verbal promises

2. It Promotes Fatigue in Your Life-Meaning…that you are tired from carrying too many people in your life.
– We are designed to operate with sails in our lives…not anchors
– People who are unequally yoked will cause you emotional fatigue (no wonder many of you are constantly tired…you are being worn out from carrying those around you)

3. It Prohibits You From Reaching Your Potential
– There is no coincidence that birds of a feather flock together
– Are you the most successful person in your circle? If so, then you need to identify some more people to associate with. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy for you to never reach your potential because of the company you keep
– Is your professional life stagnant? Find some folks who are trying to better themselves.
– Are your relationships failing? Could it be because you are settling and not connected to a person who is healthy for you?

When you allow yourself to be unequally yoked to those who don’t add value in your life, you receive false positives, you experience fatigue and your potential is stunted. Why allow yourself to go through this when you have the ability to change and control your associations?